2020 Award Winners

2020 Supply Chain Resiliency AWARD 

  • Torsten Pilz Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Honeywell

End User Awards 

  • Robotics Winner: NFI Panelist: Barbara Gress, Director of Innovation and Engineering
  • Blockchain Winner: Lenovo Panelist: Bobby Bernard, Exec. Director, DCG Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation
  • Analytics Winner: Dell Technologies Panelist: Thomas Maher, Senior Vice President of Global Service Parts
  • AI Winner: Reyes Holdings Panelist: Pamela Armella Olazábal, Data Analytics Director
  • Digital Transformation Winner: GE Appliances Panelist: Mark D. Shirkness, Vice President, Distribution

Solution Provider Awards 

  • Robotics Winner: Tompkins Robotics Panelist: Mike Futch, President
  • Blockchain Winner: IBM Panelist: Tom Ward, A.I. Project Leader
  • Analytics Winner: LeanDNA Panelist: Richard Lebovitz, President & CEO
  • AI Winner: LevaData Panelist: TBD
  • Digital Transformation Winner: Panelist: Gordon Lu, Director of JD International Business

“This is the second year for the NextGen Supply Chain awards, and we’re proud to add a new category of awards for providers of NextGen technology solutions,” said Bob Trebilcock, editorial director of Supply Chain Management Review. Trebilcock added  that the awards are merit based, and recognize supply chain professionals and solution providers who are moving technology forward. “Early adopters and first movers win in the marketplace,” he said. “We hope their stories will encourage other companies to follow their example.” 

NGSC will recognize a company that performed above and beyond expectations during one of the most challenging events ever faced by companies and supply chain managers. COVID was a once in a lifetime event that stretched our industry to the brink. But, a number of companies stepped up to the plate and strengthened their operations, processes and customer service during the storm.